The Door

by Lambs Like Lions

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released August 11, 2013

Danny Simmons



all rights reserved


Lambs Like Lions Lakeland, Florida

- Christian Noise-core from Lakeland Florida -

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Track Name: Scientist
The millions hold their breath. 
Can all breathe? 
The elect hold their tongues. 
They hold their breath and the world stops breathing. 

Walk around, walk around you ghosts. 
You'll never know what it means to have hope. 
Speak, speak, speak. 
I'll never want to be the one to throw that anchor.  
Static. Poison. Your mouth is mother of both. 

Will you exhale? And let go?

gaping tear is opening. 
We'll walk right through. 
A gaping tear is opening. 
We'll walk right through. 

We'll walk right through. (x2)

The Ghosts come. 
Will you teach us how to breathe? 
Our hearts,
Will you teach them how to beat?

Gaping tear
Is opening.
Track Name: Restored
The Lamb stands before the throne
And he pleads that all would be saved. 
We were born with our eyes stitched shut. 
Our hearts made of stone with a skin of bark. 

My God,
Break me where I stand. 
The blood of the innocent is on my hands.
I can't take the screaming in my head. 
If this is life, then count me among the dead. 

So lost, so blind, this I confess. 
My sin -a stain to righteousness. 

I am nothing. 
I am nothing. 
God, without you,
I am nothing. (2x)

By His victory we've been restored. 
(We have been restored)(4x)

And the Glory of the Lord fills the temple. 
Track Name: Creator
Creation to Creator,
Clouds roll ever forward, 
With the passing of time.
You conjure reality with a single thought.
Complexity surrounds us.
Free formed to fit the mold of a Passionate Painter.
Creator to Created. 
I am outside of time. 
You are a product of my mind. 
You are mine. 
Return to sender. 
It's time to meet your maker. 

Breathing life into autonomy 
This is anatomy
We are not a catastrophe. 
Creator so great He would let grace die for me. 
(Die for me.) 
Creator so great He would let grace,
Die. For. Me. 
Track Name: The Glory
Nailed to a Cross
He is God (x2)
Came down from the kingdom
to die for our freedom
but you have sold it away
and now you gain nothing

lost in the world with a handful of regret 
I will tell you follow & he will forget.


Our father in heaven
hallowed be your name 
your kingdom come
your will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven
Give us our daily bread
We beg to be fed
forgive us our debts
lead us not into temptation
Repent and live

Bending back and forth underneath the tides of our own uncertainty. 
Fighting between the sides of our hearts and our instinct. 
We are not machines. 
We are not a disease. 

Our souls won't dry up under the sun. 
Our backs won't break for the cause of our oppressors. 
We are the light. 
We will rise. We are the fight. 
We will not die here.

We are not machines.
We are not a disease.